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Investigating how we use a Wiki to discuss CPD

Here is a handy Cheatsheet for Wiki notation

Development Methods

There are an extensive number of avenues that can be used to fulfil your professional development requirements including:

  • Professional Activity
    • Involvement in a professional body e.g. being a member of UKAB
    • Organising events for a professional body
  • Participate in Community Events
    • Attending In-house conferences, etc.
    • Attending INCOSE international, national or regional events (including Tutorials)
    • Attending IET (or other PEI) events
    • Presentations at INCOSE events, other conferences
    • Acting as panellist/session chair/ other active role at events
    • Guest lectures e.g. at University
  • Project & Leadership Activities
    • Project tasks
    • Day-job Leadership – task, team, project
    • Chairing meetings, workshops, reviews
    • Professional Engineering Institution Leadership roles (Including INCOSE)
    • Assisting and supporting others – formal and informal mentoring, staff appraisals
    • Lessons learned, Knowledge Management Systems
  • Personal Improvement (or Self-directed Learning)
    • Private reading and study e.g. technical journals (INSIGHT, INCOSE SE Journal).
    • Writing papers and articles for presentation/discussion
    • Discussions and debates
  • Other
    • Voluntary work, public service, something that benefits your career or professionalism directly or indirectly
    • Other Leadership (e.g. charity trustee, JP, school governor)

Continuous Professional Development Wiki

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