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The aim of the MBSE Definitions work is to collect existing definitions relating to MBSE in order to provide an introduction for new, and clarity for existing practitioners.


INCOSE International

The definition of MBSE use by INCOSE International is -

The formalised application of modelling to support:
* System requirements
* Analysis
* Design
* V&V activities
Beginning in the conceptual design phase and continuing throughout development and later
lifecycle phases.

MBSE using SysML, Holt & Perry, IET Publishing 2013

Holt & Perry define MBSE as:

"An approach to realising successful systems that is driven by a model that comprises a coherent and consistent set of views that reflect multiple viewpoints of the system."

From the Authors:

All concepts have been modelled in the form of the ‘MBSE Ontology’ that we use throughout the book. We are happy for anyone to use this in any way that they see fit with the following provisos:

  • The work is from the book ‘MBSE using SysML’ by Jon Holt and Simon Perry, IET publishing 2013, ISBN 978-1-84919-651-2
  • We should be referenced whenever this is used
  • The extract must not be distributed beyond the members of the MBSE WG without prior permission from either Jon or Simon (please contact them if you want to give a copy to anyone else)
  • If you wish to reproduce any of the diagrams, please contact either Jon or Simon who provide electronic versions

The extract may be downloaded here: Holt and Perry Chapter1.3-ConceptsV20

Interview with Sandy Friedenthal

Interview with Rick Steiner

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