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===Current Year===
===Current Year===
*[[MBSE Interest Group 27.04.17]]
*[[MBSE Interest Group 27.04.17]]
*[[MBSE Interest Group 26.09.17]]
===Previous Years===
===Previous Years===

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Hello and welcome to the INCOSE UK Model-Based Systems Engineering Wiki

For anybody who is new to MBSE we recommend you should start by reading the INCOSE UK guide: Z9 - "What is Model-Based Systems Engineering?".

Here is the emerging MBSE Adoption Guide - 6 Honest Serving Men in its wiki form, the ultimate target will be a 2-sided A4 Guide in the style of the existing Omega Guides.


Mission statement

The aims of the MBSE Working Group are to:

  • Promote the use and understanding of MBSE,
  • Facilitate and improve communication between System Engineers practicing MBSE,
  • Identify and catalogue the Tools, Techniques and Languages used,
  • Provide guidance on how to best apply MBSE techniques across the lifecycle,
  • Support the MBSE Initiative run by INCOSE Central and the OMG,
  • Promote the use of models in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) Education, and
  • Inform and educate the wider engineering community about MBSE.

MBSE WG Context.jpg


Contact details can be found on the group's pages at the INCOSE UK website here


Current Activities

We are currently undertaking the following activities:

Previous Activities

See here: Previous Activities

Meeting Minutes

Current Year

Previous Years


We aim to generate and collate publications for the benefit and interest of our members and the wider INCOSE UK community

To view the current list click here


Links are provided as a courtesy to our members. We take no repressibility for the availability or content of external pages.

To view the current list click here


Model Based Systems Engineering Wiki

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