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To generate interest in STEM subjects within schools; particularly engineering, with a specific focus on systems engineering.


For the INCOSE UK MBSE working group to produce a packaged STEM activity that INCOSE STEM ambassadors can deliver in schools.


  1. The activity shall last around one hour.
  2. The activity shall be deliverable by one INCOSE STEM ambassador, with the assistance of a school teacher, to a group of up to 20 students.
  3. The activity shall be achievable by either keystage 2 (students aged 7 to 11), or keystages 3 and 4 (students aged 11 to 16), depending on the specific activity designed. (see note below)
  4. The activity shall only require equipment that is available at the school, or that can be provided by INCOSE UK.
  5. The activity shall be interactive with the students (i.e. more than just a passive lecture).
  6. The activity shall differ from activities delivered by other organisations.
  7. The activity shall provide some introduction to the systems engineering concepts of: requirements, solutions, and testing.
  8. The activity shall include the structural and/or behavioural modelling aspects of MBSE.
  9. The activity shall be fun, enjoyable, and memorable.

NOTE: The work may choose to extend or redevelop the activity to include both the older and younger age groups at a later date.


  1. A teacher shall be present when the STEM ambassador is presenting the activities to students.
  2. The teacher is responsible for the discipline of the students.
  3. All activities shall be agreed with the teacher prior to the event.
  4. A suitable risk assessment for the activity shall be undertaken between the teacher and STEM ambassador in accordance with relevant school guidelines.


The STEM Education team currently comprises the following members:

Member Organisation Role
Paul Norman MBDA Lead
Rob Behan Scarecrow Consultants Member
Julian Johnson Holistem Member
Stephen Powley Omflow Member
Philip Wilson BAE Systems Member
Adriana D'Souza Airbus Member
Jan Rapacz Dassault Systèmes Member
Claire Lucas Warwick University Member


Existing STEM resources

Below are a set of links to examples of STEM resources currently available. This is in no way exhaustive, but gives a flavour of what is already available.

Existing systems engineering STEM resources

Nothing found in internet searches!

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