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Working Group Publications


Status Title Author(s) Target Publication Date
Ready for Review "MBSE and the Seven Honest Serving Men" J Johnson et al End Q4 2017


Date Title Author(s) Link
13-11-13 Model Based Systems Engineering – The State of the Nation J Towers Link
27-02-14 The 5 principles of MBSE J Towers Link
01-03-15 Z9 "What is Model Based Systems Engineering" (v2) J Towers (lead) with: M Brownsword, I Clark, C Lewis, S Perry, A Stevenson Link

Other Publications


Date Title Author Link
01-08-03 Route Intermediate Yet Again G Capel Link


Date Title Author Link
12-06-13 Model Based Systems Engineering for Large-scale Software Based Programmes F Fashade, F Wilson & Lowe Link
04-07-13 Developing the MBSE Approach at Network Rail A Ramanathan Link
04-07-13 The Generic Metamodel G Capel Link
04-07-13 AWE - PLM Vision and Progress R Nickless Link
10-09-13 Ontology & Patterns J Holt Link
27-02-14 Dstl and IMD Overview B Madahar Link
02-09-14 Overview of Systems Engineering and MBSE in Rolls-Royce R Beasley & R Behan Link
02-02-15 The Requirements Triangle R Behan Link
23-04-15 The Benefits & Challenges of MBSE: I know an old lady J Holt Link
17-11-15 MBSE and the Silver Bullet: A Modern Fairy Tale A Stevenson, JFE Johnson Link
03-03-16 An introduction to the Unified Architecture Framework (UAF) A Morkevicius Link
19-05-16 MBDA and our use of MBSE I Clark Link
27-04-17 Application of Systems Engineering to Nuclear Fusion projects T Galliara Link
27-04-17 Applying MBSE to DEMO I Clargo Link
27-04-17 MBSE in the automotive industry: Progress and next steps A Howells & I Aitchison Link
27-04-17 A real-world experience of introducing MBSE into automotive F Chadburn Link
26-09-17 Changan Approach to Systems Engineering - Creep worked example A Howells & I Aitchison Link
26-09-17 Automotive Cybersecurity -Methods and Tools for Designing Secure Automotive Communications S Powley Link


Title Author(s) ISBN
A Practical Guide to SysML - The Systems Modeling Language Friedenthal, Moore & Steiner ISBN 978-0-12-385206-9
A Primer for Model-Based Systems Engineering Long & Scott ISBN 978-1-105-58810-5
Don't Panic! - The absolute beginner's guide to Model-Based Systems Engineering Holt & Perry ISBN 978-0-9934857-1-8
Foundations for Model-based Systems Engineering: From Patterns to Models Holt, Perry & Brownsword ISBN 978-1-78561-050-9
Model-Based Requirements Engineering Holt, Perry & Brownsword ISBN 978-1-84919-487-7
Modern Methods of Systems Engineering - With an Introduction to Pattern and Model Based Methods Jenny et al. ISBN 978-1-463-77735-7
SysML Distilled - A Brief Guide to the Systems Modeling Language Delligatti ISBN 978-0-321-92786-6
SysML for Systems Engineering - 2nd Edition: A Model-Based Approach Holt & Perry ISBN 978-1-84919-651-2
Systems Engineering with SysML/UML - Modeling, Analysis, Design Weilkiens ISBN 978-0-12-374274-2

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